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Emerging Voices in Jazz
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Only the very finest Jazz of all time
1920s & '30s Jazz
Swing, ragtime, and jazz from the Jazz Age!
1940s Jazz
Swing was king, but dethroned by the unstoppable force of bebop
1950s Jazz
The golden age of bebop, hard bop, and cool jazz
1960s Jazz
Post-bop, free jazz, and early fusion
1970s Jazz
When fusion was king, and the birth of the modern giants
1980s Jazz
Fusion and neo-bop, with Pat Metheny, Wynton Marsalis, and more
1990s Jazz
Exciting new voices and elder statesmen in their later years
2000s Jazz
Jazz from the last decade
A Great Day in Harlem
Jazz greats in the famous 1958 "Great Day in Harlem” photo
Chicago's Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians
Avant Garde Jazz
Jazz way outside the box
The masters of swing rhythm and adventurous improvisation
Best Jazz of 2013
The year's absolute best in new Jazz releases
Big Band Jazz
The large ensemble sound
Blue Note Records
The recorded legacy of Jazz music’s greatest record company
Brazilian Jazz
Brazilian masters and younger purveyors of the style the world over
Broadway Jazz
Porter, Gershwin, Sondheim, and more, performed by Jazz legends
Composers: Bird and Diz
Songs by the fathers of bop: Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie
Composers: Ellington
The timeless music of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn
Composers: Jobim
The timeless work of Bossa Nova maestro Antonio Carlos Jobim
Composers: Monk
The enigmatic, challenging, and revolutionary Thelonious Monk
Composers: Pop music
A Jazz spin on rock and pop songs
Composers: Shorter
Jazz music's greatest living composer, Wayne Shorter
Composers: The Beatles
Jazz artists' take on John, Paul, George and Ringo
Cool Jazz
A subdued response to Bebop
Cutting Edge Jazz
Contemporary experimental jazz. Not Avant-Garde, not Straight-Ahead
ECM Records
The leading label for cutting edge modern jazz for over 40 years
Emerging Voices in Jazz
Featuring recent winners of the Thelonious Monk Int'l Jazz Competition
Festival: Chicago Jazz
The artists of the 2014 Chicago Jazz Fest
Festival: Detroit Jazz
Music from the dozens of great jazz artists who'll play at this year’s Detroit Jazz Festival.
Festival: Monterey Jazz
Northern California's much-beloved jazz fest
Festival: New Orleans Jazz
Jazz performers on 2013's NOLA slate
Festival: Newport Jazz
The Jazz fest that started them all...
Groove Jazz
Funky and groovy!
Instrument: Jazz Bass
Covering all the bassists, and featuring the late, great Charlie Haden
Instrument: Jazz Drummers
The legends behind the kit
Instrument: Jazz Guitar
Acoustic and electric Jazz guitar greats